10K Plays · Published: 02/24/2023

How To Play: Choose an image from the Gallery. Scroll down for more images. Tap or click anywhere within the bounds of a blank painting to fill it up. Use the brush tool to gain finer control over the color. Choose a color from a palette. Scroll for more color palettes.

Description: Anycolor is a coloring game where you use unique color palettes to fill up the sections in a variety of pre-designed drawings. The game gives you full control over how and where you want to use each color, so the possibilities are endless. Make use of the fill tool and the brush to customize each painting like no other. There are drawings of animals, humans, food, vehicles, and even abstract ideas! The list of drawings are constantly updated, so you will occasionally find new ones to work on. There are also extra palettes that you can unlock, so make sure to explore to color menu to explore it. Don't forget to download your art after you're done coloring them. And make sure to share Anycolor with your friends and show off your creations!
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